Pacific Rim Orthopedic Surgeons

Surgery Information

Before going for your surgery, be sure to consult your doctor at Pacific Rim Orthopedic Surgeons with any special concerns.

General Preparations for Surgery

  1. Contact your insurance provider to confirm coverage for your surgery.
  2. Do not consume alcohol in the 24 hours prior to your surgery.
  3. Do not eat or drink in the eight hours prior to your arrival time for surgery.
  4. Do not drink water in the four hours prior to your surgery.
  5. Arrange for reliable transportation home after surgery.
  6. A friend or family member should be available to care for you when you arrive home.
Doctor listening to patient and smiling

Clothing Preparations

  1. If you are having knee, foot or ankle surgery, you should bring crutches with you.
  2. To prevent infection, shower or bathe the morning of your surgery.
  3. Clothing should be comfortable and loose so that they will fit over bandages or braces.
  4. Remove jewelry. Leave all valuables at home or with family.
  5. Patients with long hair should not wear metal hairpins or barrettes.
  6. Bring cases for contacts, glasses or hearing aids.


  1. Bring a list of current prescription and over-the-counter medications.
  2. Your medications will be reviewed at a pre-op appointment with a nurse.
  3. Instructions will be given by the pre-op nurse on what medications should be continued or discontinued before surgery.
  4. Inhalers for respiratory problems should be used as usual. Any other devices such as C-PAP machines should be brought to the surgery.

Post-Op Instructions

  • 1st Dorsel Compartment Release
  • ECTR Post Op Instructions