Pacific Rim Orthopaedic Surgeons

Patient Portal & Forms

Our Patient Portal was created specifically for you as a Pacific Rim Orthopaedic Surgeons patient and gives you the opportunity to complete as many forms as possible online, to save you time in the office during the registration and check-in process.

To complete your Medical & Health History information prior to your appointment, please log on to our Patient Portal. Instructions for creating a profile and logging in are provided below. Please note that you can view your medical and health history information on the Portal at any time, but you can only update the information within 7 days of an upcoming appointment. 

Using the Patient Portal

To start this process, please make sure the office has added your email address to your account.

  • To create a Portal account, you must have a unique email address and cannot share your email address with another patient (for example, spouses who are both patients cannot use the same email address for use in the Portal).
  • The demographic information to create a Portal account must match your PROS clinic account.
  • The Portal is NOW SUPPORTED on all computer platforms (Apple/MAC, PC, etc.).

You can view your information on the Portal at any time, but you will only be able to update information on the Portal within 7 days of your next office visit. When updating your information in the Portal, please click “SUBMIT PAGE” at the bottom of each page. This sends your information directly to our secure electronic medical record.

If you are unable to log on or use our Portal, please call our office and we may be able to help you troubleshoot. Otherwise, if you are not able to update your health and social history through the Portal before your appointment, please arrive at least 15 minutes before your appointment to complete paperwork in the office.

You may access our Patient Portal at any time after your visit to view your medical record.

Patient Forms

We are happy to email you all forms needed for your visit(s). We can mail them upon request. If you need additional or replacement copies you may print them from the below list to complete prior to your appointment. Please print legibly and complete all items. Also, you may log on to the Patient Portal above to complete your Medical History online. Please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to allow us ample time to process your forms.

Bring photo identification and your insurance card(s) to all visits. We require this safeguard your medical identity.

Medical Records Requests

For electronic medical records for visits after June 2014, Pacific Rim Orthopaedic Surgeons contracts with Release of Information Service provider, ShareCare (formerly, BACTES) Imaging Solutions. ShareCare has been given custodial rights for releasing medical records information to all requestors.

ShareCare will copy the requested records and contact the requestor when they are complete and payment of fees for reproduction of these records will be handled through ShareCare. ShareCare’s fees charged will be guided by the State Evidence Codes 1158 and 1563 which are the lowest fee schedules being used in Washington.

Patients: you may download your visit notes for appointments after June 1, 2014, for free via the Patient Portal (link above). For current visits, please allow up to 10 business days after your appointment for the visit notes to be completed.

Per HIPAA guidelines (45 CFR 164.524(b)(2)), Pacific Rim Orthopaedic Surgeons and ShareCare are allowed up to 30 calendar days to process medical records requests.

If you have any questions about his process, or to request medical records, please contact ShareCare Customer Service at 800-560-3800, option #2.

For patients seen, or visit notes prior to June 2014, paper chart records are stored at Access®. Please contact Pacific Rim Orthopaedic Surgeons if you are requesting medical records before 2014.