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Foot & Ankle Injuries

Two types of doctors can help you care for your foot and ankle problems. Foot and ankle subspecialty trained orthopaedic surgeons and podiatrist. Ultimately, whoever you choose, you should feel comfortable with the health care professional providing the care for your foot. Foot and ankle orthopaedic surgeons train on the care of musculoskeletal problems involving the whole body. This wide area of training helps a foot and ankle subspecialty trained orthopaedic surgeon provide more wholistic care for your foot.

A doctor examining their patient's ankle.

Our Team of Specialists

The foot and ankle system is composed of 26 bones, multiple joints, ligaments, and muscles to create a unique biomechanical complex.  Foot and ankle conditions can range from benign to devastating problems.

Fortunately, Proliance Pacific Rim Orthoapedic Surgeons has the expertise to manage the gamut of foot and ankle problems.

Thiran Udawatta

Meet Dr. Udawatta

Dr. Udawatta, a foot and ankle subspecialty trained orthopaedic surgeon, who joined us in Sep 2021, can take care of your hip all the way down to your foot. Recognizing that the lower extremity is not composed of single anatomic areas that are treated in isolation, you can be confident that our team will help you get back on your feet by caring for your whole body!

Despite being a surgeon, Dr. Udawatta often times tries to find non-operative solutions for your problem. Sometimes, your foot and ankle problem can be helped with a few modifications to your shoes or starting a stretching program. When these options do not work, surgery is occasionally warranted. Rest assured, our team will help you feel safe and confident in the care you are receiving.


Foot & Ankle Conditions

A sprained ankle is a common injury that has different levels of severity and involves ligaments being forced beyond their normal range of motion. While predominantly treated with self-care techniques, medical evaluations and intervention may be needed depending on the severity of the ankle sprain.